Frequent gum bleeds, swolen and painful gums, slightly mobile teeth,
exposed necks of teeth – these are some of the signs of gingivitis or its
next stage — periodontitis (inflamation causing degradation of the tissue
surrounding the tooth). If you have one or several of the previously
mentioned symptoms, it is high time you saw a specialist, as failure to
rapidly start treatment of gingivitis or periodontitis may result into teeth
loss. Gingivitis is fully treatable, whereas periodontitis is irreversable.
However, with effective treatment it can be put on hold or signifficantly
Periodontal treatment includes various procedures, such as periodontal
pocket cleaning and medicamentation, which are applied accordingly to
the state of the disease. Afterwards, the specialist will provide you with
information regarding oral care and preventative measures, so that the
disease does not progress. You will also be instructed on how often
prophylactic visits should be made, as periodontal diseases require
constant treatment to avoid their becoming acute.

Treatment of Periodontal DiseasesEUR
Application of artificial bone in periodontal treatment (per one tooth)200,00
Sublingval abscess opening15,00
Periodontal pocket curettage (3 teeth region)30,00
Periodontal dressing application (4-5 teeth region)15,00
Temporary teeth splinting (with surgical thread or strand)30,00
Teeth splinting with:
a) composite material 3-4 teeth region45,00
b) light cured composite material 3-4 teeth region60,00
Gingivectomy 3 teeth region60,00
Gingivectomy 6-7 teeth region85,00
Periodontal pockets management by medicines application10,00
Physiotherapeutical treatment of periodontitis (per one appointment)22,50
Mucous membrane disorders management by medicines application10,00
Microbiological analysis of oral cavity30,00

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