We provide therapeutic dental treatment for both children and adults
using only the most up-to-date materials and tried-and-true equipment.
We make sure the patient is as comfortable and feels as little pain as
possible. We provide a variety of approaches and solutions; for example,

children can get coloured fillings. We can also save a damaged tooth in
situations when it seems to the patient the this tooth should be extracted.
There is a golden rule of dentistry worth remembering – the faster you
address your dental issue, the faster, less painful and obviously cheaper
the treatment will be!

Therapeutic DentistryEUR
Cariotic masses removal and filling the cavity with quality temporary material11,50
1) chemically cured6,00
2) light cured8,00
3) bonding system for Amalgam filling10,00
Silver Amalgam restorations
1) one surface22,00
2) two surfaces30,00
3) three surfaces37,00
Chemically cured composite restorations
1) one surface20,00
2) two surfaces25,00
3) three surfaces30,00
4) coloured filling (for children)15,00
Light cured composite restorations
1) one surface35,00
2) two surfaces45,00
3) three surfaces60,00
4) composite veneer75,00
5) tooth angle restoration85,00
Old filling removal10,00
Whole tooth remodeling with light cured composite
1) 1-st degree of complexity90,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity115,00
3) 3-rd degree of complexity160,00
Whole tooth remodeling with siver amalgam70,00
Pulp devitalisation, temporary filling15,00
Pulp amputation, toxavit application, temporary filling15,00
Pulp extirpation for one canal12,00
Root canal system preparation (per one canal)7,50
Mechanical and chemical canal preparation7,50
Root canal system filling per canal
1) with paste11,50
2) with gutta-percha19,00
3) temporary canal filling with Ca(OH)27,50
Intracanal post (screw)25,00
Root canal filling removal (paste or gutta-percha)15,00
Root canal filling removal (cement)30,00
Laser treatment or rehabilitation (per one appointment)22,50

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