The ABC of dental care: Why is professional dental cleaning necessary and why is it better done before summer sets in?

Our expert – doctor Leonīds Veļkovičs (Dental health care centre „Brīvības, 103“. Tel.: 67379889, 29249165). In the previous issue of „Subbota” we reminded our readers that nobody can take better care of the health of one’s teeth than their owner. One of the most important aspects of such care is preventive dental treatment during visits to a dentist or hygienist for professional dental cleanings. So, what benefits do such procedures give? One of the most popular misconceptions on this score is that professional dental cleaning is meant for fashion models and other celebrities, who are always in the limelight and want a sparkly shiny smile… If you don’t want to shine – don’t, but do you want to lose your teeth before due time? The two most essential reasons for such unpleasant outcome are caries (or, to be more precise, its complications) and periodontitis. If teeth are clean and smooth the probability of both diseases is much lower. Therefore, by investing a small amount of money today in preventive treatment and hygiene you are going to save larger sums in the future. No matter how carefully one brushes one’s teeth it is impossible to remove dental deposits completely from the whole surface of one’s teeth. There will always be hard-to-reach places that can only be treated by a specialist. Usually, hygienists recommend doing professional dental cleaning twice a year. However, smokers, coffee-drinkers and those who drink red wine more or less regularly should find time for extra visits. Or at least they should remember that they are in the so-called risk group. When a hygienist subtly and softly removes dental calculus (and modern technology does allow to do just that) undetected caries can be discovered. Sometimes also defects of dental fillings can come to light – alas, nothing is eternal in this world. Only after the general part of the procedure is completed can the specialist offer additional treatment, such as tooth polishing, coating with specialized protective varnish and solutions. That part really is for those who want to shine. And the last advice of the day: if you don’t want to spend two or three hours at a dentist’s office when everyone else is sunbathing on the beach, take matters in your own hands. Make an appointment with your dentist now, because soon there will be better things to do. Do you like traveling or do you, perhaps, send your children to a summer camp? If you don’t want to spoil your vacation – don’t forget to visit your dentist. You will feel more confident and, very possibly, save money too. Dentistry services are by no means cheap in other countries. IN THE NEXT ISSUE: Correcting malocclusion