The ABC of dental care: The most popular dentistry myths

Our expert – doctor Leonīds Veļkovičs (Dental health care centre „Brīvības, 103“. Tel.: 67379889, 29249165). MYTH ONE. Inflation is rampant, I have no money for medical treatment. It seems that the lack of money is the most powerful excuse for not solving some problem or other. Or rather – to start solving it only when it threatens to reach catastrophic levels. Be honest to yourself and think strategically. If you think that you don’t have money today, how do you know that you are going to have it tomorrow? Remember that saving a little money by forgoing professional dental cleaning, correction of malocclusion or elementary prosthetics today you may have to face much more expensive treatment in half a year or a year. And another thing – if you are planning a vacation abroad ask about the prices on dentistry services there. You will see that some things here are not as expensive as they are considered to be. At least not yet. MYTH TWO. I don’t have much time, do it quickly and ensure top-quality. Do you prefer fast-food or a dinner at home, at a good cafe or restaurant? And is there any difference at all? Aren’t the results identical in all cases: sense of fullness from a hotdog isn’t worse than that from a home-cooked steak, after all. Even though the former will probably give you acid indigestion or gastritis after some time, but nobody thinks about it at first. In theory, any dentist could correct malocclusion (for example, by means of a clamp) in one day or install someone else’s dentures in half an hour and send you back to work beaming with happiness. However, I am sure that none of us would do anything like that, because teeth and gums do not welcome such instantaneous methods. In dentistry we have to deal with very subtle things and operations, therefore be patient. It isn’t reasonable to ask what’s quicker here, the right question is – what’s better. MYTH THREE. Give me 100% guarantee. It is possible that the question „How long is the guarantee period?” is suitable when you buy a TV set or a vacuum cleaner. But it should be understood that a dental care centre is not a shop and dental health cannot be bought at a discount here. When you ask a dentist „How long a guarantee do you offer?” you are asking to predict what your life will be like in the future, while you will go on drinking coffee or red wine or smoking, which is even worse for your teeth. When you ask this question you want your dentist to forecast all your future illnesses and health problems that can impact the health of your teeth, and for women – to even plan their pregnancy in advance, because a child in the womb needs all the calcium it can get… A dentist can only guarantee one thing – the high quality of his work. But she is unable to foresee how the results of this work will be treated afterwards. MYTH FOUR. I pay money, therefore I can break an appointment whenever I feel like it. There are wait lists in all leading dental care centres in Riga, containing not only Rigans, but also foreign tourists, who come on vacation to Riga and use this opportunity to get high-quality and moderately priced dental care services. And yet it often happens that the best specialists are forced to be idle for hours, because a patient cannot inform them about a broken appointment. Please, let us be polite! If you can’t keep an appointment – notify the dentist in advance and the time allotted for your treatment will be used for another patient in need of help.