Orthodontics is concerned with arcus dentalis (tooth rows), bite and jaw
correction in order to improve both esthetics and bite functionality. It also
has a great prophylactic value. If arcus dentalis are perfect, the possibility
of caries or pareodontitis is minimal.There is a known myth about dental
alignment and bite correction only being available to children and
teenagers. However, orthodontic treatment is also possible for grown-ups.
Each case is evaluated individually and a removable appliance of braces
are suggested. Treatment time frames, expenses and care measures are
explained in detail. Our sertified specialists will help you get the beautiful
smile you desire.

Removable appliances
1) 1-st degree of complexity250,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity500,00
1) 1-st degree of complexity450,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity550,00
3) 3-rd degree of complexity650,00
4) 4-th degree of complexity750,00
5) 5-th degree of complexity800,00
6) 6-th degree of complexity900,00
Quad helix75,00
Orthodontic appliances controle and correction
1) 1-st degree of complexity15,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity22,00
3) 3-rd degree of complexity30,00

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