Prophylaxis is key to a healthy oral cavity. That is why it is important to
book an appointment with a professional oral cavity hygienist at least
twice a year. No matter how well you clean your teeth, as time passes
hard plaque develops on the back side of the teeth, below their contact
points and along the gum line. And that can only be removed by a
professional hygienist using professional equipment. The procedure at
our clinic is pain-free and only top quality hygiene appliances and
materials are used. Afterwards, not only is your oral cavity healthier, but
you get smoother and whiter teeth, and your breath is nice and fresh. And
should you want your teeth even lighter, we offer a professional tooth
enamel friendly teeth-whitening procedure. It can make your teeth up to
several tones lighter.
To protect teeth from sports injuries and bruxism – abrasion of the teeth
surfaces caused by their grinding – we make individual sports and night
mouth guards.

Oral Cavity HygieneEUR
Full professional oral cavity hygiene50,00
Plaque cleaning from all teeth5,00
Calculus cleaning and tooth polishing per one tooth3,00
Application of caries and inflammation prevention drugs5,00
One tooth coverage:
a) with Varnish3,00
b) with Fluoride protector6,00
b) with Sealant6,00
Plaque cleaning with Air-Flow system application per tooth2,50
Professional teeth whitening100,00
Individual tray for teeth whitening (per one tray)75,00
Laser treatment in oral cavity15,00
Night guard
1st degree of complexity100.00
2nd degree of complexity130.00
Mouseguard for sportsmen
1st degree of complexity110.00
2nd degree of complexity 130.00

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