Professional and meticulous diagnostics is fundamental for successful
oral cavity treatment. Not only does it allow to define the root of the
problem and the extent and severity of the damage, but also to apply the
most effective treatment method. The experience of our staff and high-
level technology makes it possible to resolve even the most complicated
cases. We always relay the results of the diagnostics, planned procedures
and the expected results to the patient, so that we can mutually arrive at
the best treatment plan.

Primary examination, personal data collection, teeth formula estimation, hygiene index estimation, treatment planning25,00
Qualified specialist consultation with treatment planning35,00
Additional consultation10,00
Primary X – ray examination5,00
Additional X – ray examination1,50
Diagnostic models casting15,00
Diagnostic models analysis11,50
Panoramic radiography or tomography analysis10,00
Front, smile or profile photographs15,00

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