If you need a badly damaged or wisdom tooth extracted, implants placed,
tongue or lip frenulum operated on, jaw bone defects fixed or any other
oral surgical procedure done – we are the ones to turn to! The methods
and equipment we apply in dental surgery are EU accepted and widely
used, which provides for smooth, gentle, painless and effective
Dental surgery allows not only to diagnose various oral diseases and
abnormalities in order to successfully treat and prevent them, but also
helps to restore the tooth row by way of implants or to improve the
retention of dentures in the oral cavity.

Dental SurgeryEUR
Topical anesthesia3,00
Infiltration anesthesia5,00
Block anesthesia7,50
Mobile tooth extraction10,00
Single rooted tooth extraction
1) 1-st degree of complexity15,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity23,00
Multi rooted tooth extraction
1) 1-st degree of complexity30,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity45,00
3) 3-rd degree of complexity60,00
4) 4-nd degree of complexity115,00
Tooth extraction with osteothomy:
single rooted80,00
multi rooted130,00
Alveolitis treatment (per one appointment)15,00
Surgical treatment of inflammation of the oral cavity and jaws15,00
Injuries management15,00
Bone irregularities surgical planning, sutures, tamponade or etc.
of one jaw side or frontal jaw region85,00
Retained or impacted tooth opening for orthodontic regulation100,00
Hemisection of multi rooted tooth72,00
Sinus communication surgical closure80,00
Apicoectomy of every next neighboring tooth50,00
Retrograde root canal filling25,00
Surgical opening of localized mucosal abscess35,00
Surgical curettage of inflamed alveoli (postextractional)30,00
Small size mucous membrane irregularities incision35,00
Big size mucous membrane irregularities incision50,00
Alveolar bone irregularities resection95,00
Mucous membrane cyst management72,00
Surgical opening of localized subperiosteal or submucosal abscess50,00
Extirpation of periapical cyst without apicoectomy (under 2 cm in size)45,00
Extirpation of periapical cyst without apicoectomy (larger than 2 cm in size)57,00
Lips frenulum surgical plastic85,00
Tongue frenulum surgical plastic115,00
Implantation (per one implant)
1) 1-st degree of complexity600,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity750,00
3) 3-rd degree of complexity900,00
Application of artificial bone (per one implant)150,00
Closed sinus-lift (per one operation)
1) 1-st degree of complexity600,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity750,00
Implant opening (per one implant):
1) 1-st degree of complexity75,00
2) 2-nd degree of complexity100,00
Root-replica operation (one tooth region)200,00
Physiotherapeutical rehabilitation after surgical treatment (per one appointment)22,50

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